Class FileMaker_Result


Base Result object.

Located in /FileMaker/Result.php (line 26)

Method Summary
FileMaker_Result FileMaker_Result (FileMaker_Implementation &$fm)
integer getFetchCount ()
array getFields ()
integer getFoundSetCount ()
array &getRecords ()
array getRelatedSets ()
integer getTableRecordCount ()
Constructor FileMaker_Result (line 41)

Result constructor.

FileMaker_Result FileMaker_Result (FileMaker_Implementation &$fm)
  • FileMaker_Implementation &$fm: The FileMaker_Implementation object this response came from.
getFetchCount (line 122)

Returns the number of records in the set that was actually returned. If no range parameters were specified this will be equal to the result of getFoundSetCount(). It will always be equal to the value of count($response->getRecords()).

  • return: Fetch count.
integer getFetchCount ()
getFields (line 79)

Return a list of the names of all fields in the records that are part of this response. Just the names are returned; if additional information is required then Layout object provided by getLayout() must be consulted.

  • return: String field names.
array getFields ()
getFoundSetCount (line 109)

Returns the number of records in the entire found set.

  • return: Found count.
integer getFoundSetCount ()
getLayout (line 52)

Get the FileMaker_Layout object describing the layout of this response.

  • return: The layout description.
FileMaker_Layout &getLayout ()
getRecords (line 66)

Returns an array containing each record in the result set. Each

member of the array is a FileMaker_Record object, or an instance of the class name set in the API for instantiating Records. The array may be empty if the response contains no records.

  • return: The record objects.
array &getRecords ()
getRelatedSets (line 89)

Return the names of all related sets present in this record.

  • return: String related set names.
array getRelatedSets ()
getTableRecordCount (line 99)

Returns the number of records in the table that was accessed.

  • return: Table count.
integer getTableRecordCount ()

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