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Title: simpleFM.php

Platform: PHP5

Category: PHP Utility

simpleFM_20070413.zip 1.3MB

Min Requirements: FileMaker Server Advanced, PHP5

This simple function uses the PHP SimpleXML extension which provides a very simple and easily usable toolset to convert XML to an object that can be processed with normal property selectors and array iterators. simpleFM.php includes demo PHP and FileMaker files and a readme.txt

Title: Connecting Flash to FileMaker

Platform: Mac/Win

Category: Flash Demo

Flash_FileMaker_20070413_jsmall.zip 933KB

Min Requirements: FileMaker Server Advanced, Flash 8 Professional

Flash and AS2 source files showing how to send commands to and read data from a FileMaker host. Includes step-by-step Readme file, and example FileMaker database.

Title: FileMaker PHP Hybrid Application

Platform: Mac/Win

Category: PHP Demo

web305_files_v1.1.zip 3.4MB

Min Requirements: FileMaker Server Advanced, PHP 5

Demo application showing how to split an application design between FileMaker and PHP to suit the needs served best by each of the technologies. Built using the FileMaker API for PHP. Includes the FileMaker files and PHP files plus a readme.txt file and a pdf of the slides from my Devcon 2006 Session, web305.

Username is "Admin" and password is blank on the demo FileMaker files.

Title: Recursive Functions Demo 2

Platform: Mac/Win

Category: FM Demo

RecursiveFunctions2.zip 20KB

Min Requirements: FileMaker Developer 7.x

Examples showing custom functions that employ recursion to parse text, etc.

Title: FM Exchange Specification

Platform: NA

Category: Project Proposal

FMExchangeSpec20041207.pdf 145KB (11pages)
FMTIDB_20050329.pdf 1MB (79pages)

Min Requirements: FSA Membership; Acrobat Reader

As promised, the first link is to the VERY rough first draft proposal that was written Wiki-style last year. The second link is to a report from the FMDiSC Top Issues Database (FMTIDB). These documents are for FSA members only due to NDA restraints. The username and password have been posted on FSA Tech Talk in the thread "FMExchange"

Jeremiah Small

Title: FM Preview DPI v1.0

Platform: Mac/Win

Category: FM Utility

FMPreviewDPIv10.fp7.zip 1.1MB

Min Requirements: FileMaker 7.x

Demonstrates the abilities and limitations of the "Copy Preview" technique in FM7. FileMaker 7 makes a pixel based image of Preview. Previous versions of FileMaker made a vector based image of Preview.

Use this utility as a visual aid when discussing the issues surrounding the "Copy Preview" technique. Despite the outcry in the developer community about the inadequacy of FM7 in this regard, when the actual behaviors available in the current version of FileMaker are properly understood, excellent results may be achieved. When and if FileMaker changes the way Preview is transferred to the clipboard, this utility will be useful to observe the changes. The primary advantage that will be gained if FileMaker implements vector based images of Preview again, is a dramatic reduction in file size of high quality Preview images.

There are three records in this demo, each with a different resolution of the same image stored in the container field. Test and examine the 4 scripted techniques in this demo on each of the three records to see the abilities and limitations of the "Copy Preview" technique in FM7. If you have Developer, try stepping through the scripts in Debug mode.

Title: Data Cleaner v2.1

Platform: Mac/Win

Category: FM Utility
DataCleanerV21.fp7.zip 16KB

Min Requirements: FileMaker 7.x

If you have data source such as an Address book with some fields that were "user configurable" or "notes" fields, you may need a convenient way for your users to sift and normalize the data. This utility allows the user to move data from the non-normalized fields to the normalized one. You can either import the data into this utility or build this technique into your solution.

Title: Palette Maker v2.2

Platform: Mac/Win

Category: FM Utility
PaletteMakerV22.fp7.zip 188KB

Min Requirements: FileMaker 7.x

With Palette Maker you can define (and store) custom color palettes. Easily enter and retrieve colors in Hex and RGB. Requires no plug ins.

This utility is particularly useful in FileMaker for Windows,
where the built-in custom colors are lost between sessions. To enter colors into the Windows custom color utility requires keying into three fields, so no easy one-stroke paste method is available to specify them numerically, but it is not too much trouble to key with the number pad and tab.

You can open your colors in Palette Maker in small popup windows cascaded down the right edge of your screen. The popup windows are titled with the Color Name and RGB value. This allows you to have the color specs easily visible when the FM custom color dialog is open.

Title: Toggle FMS

Platform: Win

Category: Server Utility
ToggleFMS_Win101.zip 8KB

Min Requirements: Windows 2000, FMS 5.0

This simple batch file toggles FileMaker Server services. Easily stop one version and start the other or stop all versions of FMS. It is currently configured to manage FMS 5.5 and FMS 7 on the same server. You can use it from any directory that you has write permission. It has been tested on WinXP Pro and Win2000 Server.

Title: FMS Backup Utilities

Platform: Win

Category: Server Utility
FMS_BakUtils_Win113.zip 20KB

Min Requirements: Windows 2000, FMS 5.0, write permission to the install location.

This utility was created to manage automated and manual backups of FMS on a development machine that alternately runs FMS 5.5 and FMS7. The backups are automatically moved to a remote volume as date stamped zip archives with a dynamically prefixed filename.

Installation instructions:
To use these files, you need to be familiar with batch file syntax. There is no free support available beyond what you find included in the download.

1. You will need PKZip to make the system work. The system has been tested with PKZip v6.0 through v8.0. Make sure when you install PKZip you include command line support. More information about PKZip can be found at http://www.pkware.com.
( PKware offers a 30 trial version )

2. Copy all the batch files to the root of C:\ (create shortcuts if you want to launch from somewhere else like the desktop).

3. Set up a network directory mapped as S:\ or else edit the target location in the batch files yourself and adjust the instructions accordingly.

4. Create four empty directories

5. The following are helper files that must be present, but are not executed directly:

6. The FM Bak Utilities suite was written for a Filemaker development server running FMS5.5 and FMS7 alternately for testing. You don't need all the files if you are only running one version of FMS. If you are only running FMS7, you can omit the following two files:

7. Make a shortcut in a convenient location (such as the desktop) of FM5_DiscretionBak.ba_ and FM7_DiscretionBak.ba_. These files execute a discretionary backup whenever they are executed. This is useful for creating restore points before you do something major or risky to your FM development files.

8. FMAutoBak.ba_ is run from Scheduled Tasks. It allows for two arguments (one of them is required). If you run the file without the required version argument, the command window will display the following details:


 This batch file must be run with a FileMaker version argument.
 This batch file can also have a Project argument.

   Syntax: "[path]/[batch_file_name] [FMv] [Project]"

 [FMv] must = 5 or 7
 [Project] is optional and can be any string as a prefix for the zip file

   example 1: "C:/FMAutoBak.bat 5 temp"
   example 2: "C:/FMAutoBak.bat 7"

 This utility will now exit.

 Press any key to continue . . .


A typical Scheduled Task might call "C:/FMAutoBak.bat 7 Solution_Name"
Note there are no spaces in Solution_Name.

End Installation Instructions.

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